10 Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks – Get the All-Time Best Suggestions

All the gardeners like us share the same dream of having a green, lush, leafy lawn. But to do so, you need to clean the uneven grasses, steep banks, etc, properly. Moreover, if the lawn is steep, it is more difficult to mulch with a random mower. No worries, today, we are going to discuss the best lawn mower for steep banks.

In our list, we kept both riding and pushing mowers. But before revealing the list of the best lawn mower for steep banks, let’s get the top pick.

The Rundown

Best for Adjustability: Greenworks 24V 13-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower

The mower is adjustable to 3 different heights. Anyone can easily adjust it by pushing or pulling the handle.

Best for Runtime: Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Push Lawn Mower

It’s hard to beat this mower at run time because it is equipped with 2 Powerful batteries, which ensures a runtime of 45 minutes.

Best for Torque: WORX WG779 40V Power Share 4.0 Ah 14″ Lawn Mower

The mower is great for cutting difficult grasses in different terrains. You can increase the torque just by turning the torque.

Best Overall Push Lawn Mower: Snapper XD Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower

Gives clean and precise cuts in each mowing session. Super durable with powerful batteries. 

Best Walk-Behind Electric Lawn Mower: Greenworks 3-in-1 Electric Corded Lawn Mower

With the 21″ deck, it can cut large areas at once. It can run on for 40 minutes non-stop. Has all the amazing facilities. 

Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower: PROYAMA 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower

Super easy, fast, and comfortable to mow the lawn with this one. The heights can be adjustable into 7 positions. 

Budget-friendly Best Mower for Steep Hills: Sun Joe Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

Looks cute and small but is a bomb product! It’s not corded and super lightweight. With affordable prices and outstanding features, it attracts buyers.

Best Overall Lawn Mower: PowerSmart Gas Powered Lawn Mower

No cord, no oil, no carbon emissions. Get a peaceful, noise-free experience of lawn mowing with this one. 

Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills: Husqvarna Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Enjoy your mowing time on this mower. It’s super powerful from the first to last use: one-time investment and more than longer usage.

Best Value: Craftsman Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

This lawn mower is in hundred for any kind of surface like flat, uneven, hills, terrain, or sloppy areas. 

The 10 Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks in 2021

1. Greenworks 24V 13-Inch Cordless (2-In-1) Push Lawn Mower


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We are starting with a popular product from Greenworks. The lawnmower is equipped with a powerful 24 V battery for a long-lasting mowing session. The mower is crafted using the lightweight deck design. The size is ideal (13 inches). 

The deck is also adjustable to 3 different positions. So, no matter your weight or the terrain, you can always mow like a pro.

The thing I like a lot is the noise-reducing feature. Moreover, it doesn’t vibrate too much. So mowing with this mower is highly comfortable. Finally, if you look at the overall design, then you must fall in love with its overall construction and design.

Key Features

  • Dimensions: The mower has a dimension of 50.4L x 40.47W x 14.56H inches. That means the size is ideal for working on any yard.
  • Power source: No worries about the power system. The mower is designed using a 24V lithium-ion battery that ensures fade-free power without any memory loss. All these provide 20% extra runtime. 
  • Run time: You must be impressed by it. The mower can run up to 35 minutes per charge. However, I wouldn’t say it’s the exact time because I found different results in different terrain. Mainly it depends on the grass type and operating techniques. However, on average, I found the run-time to be 35 minutes. 
  • Weight: Transportation is a lot easier as the mower is just 25 lbs in weight. Plus, storing is also no bug hassle having this lawnmower. 
  • Height adjustable: Another thing that makes me perfect for all is the 3 position height adjustment feature. 
  • Durable construction.
  • Green color and style look.
  • Easy to carry and store.
  • Easy push start button.
  • Attached rear bag.
  • Emptying the bag isn’t too simple.

Why should you pick it?

If there are many people in your house and everyone uses it, this one will be perfect because of the height adjustment feature.

2. Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower


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If you’re looking for something more powerful, then opt for this smart lawnmower, and this one is also from Greenworks. With a more powerful battery and deck size, this one is highly efficient and more productive. 

The mower runs in a dual-blade system. So mulching and bagging are a lot easier with this mower. The overall dimensions of the mower are 29.2L x 20.66W x 19.5H inches. According to some customers, the size is slightly bigger. However, considering all the functions, I think it’s ideal.

Handling the mower is easy with its 10″ rear and 7″ front wheels. Plus, the easy push start button makes it easier for newbies. Though everything is favorable, I recommend everyone follow the instruction manual before operating the device. Now it’s time to show some important features of this lawnmower.

Key Features

  • Power Source: You can call it a giant. The device works using the G-max 40V Li-ion battery systems and is integrated with one 4 Ah battery and one 2 Ah battery. Both the batteries and chargers are included with the mower. 
  • Smart cutting technology: Considering the thickness of the grass, the mower can adjust the power so that the overall runtime is improved with this mower.
  • Run time: Something that must amaze you is the run-time per charge. I have tried it in different yards, and on average, it worked 45 minutes per charge. If the terrain is difficult or the grass size is different, the battery may last for 40 minutes. On the other hand, if the grasses and terrains are in your favor, it will work up to 45 or 45+ minutes.
  • Dual blade cutting: The mower is designed with a 20″ durable deck. Plus, it uses a dual blade to ensure better cut quality. 
  • 5 position adjustment: The Greenworks 24V 13-Inch Mower is adjustable to 3 positions, but this one is adjustable to 5 positions. So, there will be no hassle for people with different heights. 
  • Made of durable quality plastic.
  • Straightforward operating system.
  • Long time battery support.
  • Including the capacity indicator of the grass catcher.
  • The weight is slightly heavy. So it’s not quite easy to transport. (42.5 lbs)

Why should you pick it?

If you have a big yard that needs huge time to label the grass, try this one as it provides a run time of up to 45 minutes.

3. WORX WG779 40V Power Share 4.0 Ah 14″ Lawn Mower

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Are you looking for the best mower for hills? Suggesting you a lightweight yet powerful mower manufactured by WORX. Being only 29 lbs, the mower lets you work for more than 50 minutes and also includes several functions for the ease of cutting.

Though it’s not the best riding lawn mower for steep hills, it brings almost all the advantages of a riding mower. There are 6 cutting adjustments and different cutting functions available. Besides, there are 2 powerful batteries. Now let’s check out other features.

Key Features

  • Battery power: The mower is equipped with 2 x 20v 4.0 Ah batteries. It doesn’t take much time to get fully charged, and the charger also comes with the product.
  • Run time: Per charge, you can operate the mower for 50-60 minutes, depending on the types of grass and terrain.
  • Included bag: You’ll love the additional mulch bag. It is made of plastic, and the capacity of the bag is 0.85 bushels. 
  • 6 position adjustment: The mower lets you adjust the cutting height into 6 positions. So, you can bring a custom design to the lawn.
  • More torque: You can turn the knob for more torque in different terrain for difficult grasses.
  • Innovative design.
  • Multiple cutting options.
  • Durable construction.
  • Easy to empty the top bag.
  • Both bag and battery indicators are available.
  • It’s not self-propelled

Why should you pick it? 

If you want to cut the grass easily, you can turn the knob for more powerful mowing by increasing the torque.

4. Snapper XD Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower

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The electric lawn mower has some excellent benefits over other mowers. You can get a quiet mowing session, easy maintenance, and a compact design. Snapper cordless push lawn mower is a 21inch sized deck and has 82 volt 2.0 Lithium-ion batteries included. 

The body of this mower is made of Alloy steel, and it can run 90 minutes nonstop, which is extremely impressive. This China-originated product is not self-propelled and needs to be pushed. As the machine is compact, designed, and lightweight, it’s straightforward to push. 

What makes this mower stand out from the crowd is the power-saving feature. When the mower detects that it isn’t working hard, it saves its power and prolongs the battery life. It’s also beginner-friendly and one of the best lawn mower for steep banks.

Key Features

  • Design: The mower has a 21-inches steel-made deck and a 3-in-1 design with a bonus. It has a bag, mulch, or side-discharge grass clipping easily. Choosing the options is quite easy and simple. 
  • Batteries: With 82-volt max and 2.0 Lithium-ion batteries, the mower works excellent and fast. Thanks to the Briggs & Stratton engine, which also contributes to the batteries. 
  • Noise-free Session: The grass is trimmed in a short time, and the quiet service won’t annoy you or your neighbors. 
  • Smart Technology: It has the load-sensing feature to detect to use the optimum power level so that you can mow with the maximum efficiency. Just push a button, and it begins to work. 
  • Height Adjustment: The machine has 7 different height levels according to the ideal lawn height. 
  • Very easy to assemble for use for the first time.
  • Includes all the essential, necessary items.
  • It has safety features to use safely.
  • It’s not self-propelled.

Why should you pick it?

This is one of the best lawn mowers for steep banks as it trims the grass with a powerful motor and gives almost gas-like power. It’s lightweight, has many excellent features, and is worthy of investing in. 

5. Greenworks 3-in-1 Electric Corded Lawn Mower

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What makes this mower impressive is the all high-quality features into one small-sized mower. If you have to mow a small lawn, then this should be the perfect choice for you.

Plus, we would love to mention, this one is also affordable than many other gas-powered or cordless design mowers. The easily operable corded mower has 10″ rear wheels, which can roll on any surface easily. In addition, the cord retainer helps to hold the cord in place without hassle. 

With a safety cut-off switch, it has one push button to start the mower. With the front 7″ front wheels, this is also the best lawn mower for steep banks as it can roll and control the cutting session easily.

Key Features

  • Design: The deck is made of 20-inches alloy steel. It has 10″ rear wheels and 7″ front wheels, making it easier and fast to roll over any surface.
  • Motor: It has a 12AMP powerful motor to cut the toughest grass in your yard. Moreover, unlimited run time is a bonus.
  • Easy-Operate: 3-in-1 feature with a rear bag, mulch, and side discharge. Just one push-button, and it begins to work. It doesn’t leak any oil, gas, or other discharge.  
  • Height Adjustment: With a single lever mechanism 7 position height is adjustable from 1 1/8 inches to 3 inches. 
  • Cord Lock: The cord lock helps lock the cord without tangling, so it doesn’t lose or fall in the middle of work.
  • Doesn’t make an annoying sound, so no disturbance for the neighbors.
  • Lightweight, so easy to push.
  • Compact smaller design with a powerful motor. 
  • Through-the-handle bag access should be improved. 

Why should you pick it?

For easy and compact storage, the mower has a folded handle. It’s even easy to handle any hilly terrain with the powerful motor, wheels, and height levels. It should be considered one of the best electric mowers for hilly terrain.

6. PROYAMA 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower

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If self-propelled is a category, then this product must be in the top number in the category. It has the most extraordinary features to see. As it’s self-propelled, it needs less effort to mow and do the job faster.

With highly efficient design and lightweight, it has rare wheels that help move on a rough or uneven surface. Within 20 minutes, your yard will be trimmed cleanly. For the high-quality engine, the mower is a bit heavier but serves better. 

Not cutting any quality, it is an upgraded version with all the 4-in-1 qualities, bagging performance, technology, and design. Just like the cherry on top, the machine is free from rust or corrosion. 

Key Features

  • Design: With 21 inches alloy steel-made deck. The cutting width is 21 inches with 11″ back rear wheels and 8″ front wheels. The PVC tires are suitable for any surface traction. 
  • Engine: The premium is made by Loncin. Powerful 200CC 3.6 Kilowatt OHV. The gas engine includes recoil and auto choke features. 
  • Capabilities: Just pull the engine to start the machine. The 4-in-1 feature is side discharge, rear discharge, edge cutting, and mulching system. Move around your self-propelled mower with more ease.
  • Height Adjustment: 7 height adjustable position is suitable for mowing with different height levels. 
  • Bagger Improvement: 60L Nylon bagger is easy to clean, breathable when it’s full, and fills 100%. 
  • Very easy to handle, store and assemble.
  • Cuts thickest and toughest grass.
  • Easily operable for anyone.
  • May create a mess with oil.

Why should you pick it?

The rear wheels are ideal for tackling any uneven, steep hills or terrain. This is considered the best self-propelled mower for steep hills. Plus, it’s super long-lasting and easy maintenance. 

7. Sun Joe Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

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Our next mower is a tiny and adorable-looking one from Sun Joe. This is a cordless mower with some fascinating features. It works with a battery system and utilizes the power for 40 minutes without making any annoying sound. 

The machine is completely eco-friendly and doesn’t emit any carbon. If you have a small-sized lawn, then this mower can be the ideal one for you. You can maneuver it easily because it’s lightweight and compact. With the foldable handle, you can even store it in a smaller place. 

Now let’s speak about the fantastic motor. The brushless motor is super powerful, runs for a long time, and makes sounds like whispers. Not only that, the product is equipped with many useful components and useful features.

Key Features

  • Design: It’s a 16 inches metal mower with an ABS plastic deck. It’s very suitable for small lawns, and at once, it trims 15 inches area with a sharp blade. 
  • Battery: It has a rechargeable 40V iONMAX battery system with the most advanced Lithium-ion technology. With a powerful 600Watt brushless motor, it enhances battery effectiveness. 
  • Capabilities: So, many capabilities. Like, it has a safety switch with a safety key. No gas or oil discharge, no tangled or pull director. 
  • Grass Director: It comes with a 9.25 gallons grass bag. With the grass window feature, you can easily understand when the grass bag is full and when to dispose of it.
  • Height Adjustment: It has 6 different height adjustment level positions to suit mowing. From 1 inch to 3 inches cutting width.
  • Small, ergonomic and compact design.
  • Very easy to assemble within 20 minutes.
  • Compatible with a gas mower.
  • It isn’t self-propelled. 

Why should you pick it?

The rugged terrain wheels are quite ideal for hills or steep slopes too. So, you can also consider this single mower as the best lawn mower for steep banks. 

8. PowerSmart Gas Powered Lawn Mower

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This gorgeous beautiful self-propelled gas-powered lawn mower is an outstanding addition to our list. This one offers the most convenient, comfortable, and peaceful mowing session with fabulous features. Thanks to PowerSmart for thinking so smartly about this machine!

As it’s a self-propelled item, it’s quite easy to push, and the incredible wheels make it easier to go on sloppy hills, uneven terrain, or any steep slopes. The high-quality motor with a 21″ deck makes it quite a huge area to cut at once.

This beauty has a 3-in-1 facility for the cutting system, and it also helps to return the nutrients to the soil after cutting. The maintenance or storage of this machine is also very easy. 

Key Features 

  • Design: This 21″ gasoline-powered mower is made of Iron. With a 21″ size, it makes huge quantities of space for trimming, which makes the work faster. The 8″ rugged wheels are best for hilly areas with uneven surfaces. 
  • Motor: It has a   forced air-cooling system with a single gas cylinder. While doing continuous trimming, forced air-cooling makes sure to keep the motor good. It can run 1.5-2 hours at once.
  • Capabilities: The machine holds 3-in-1 features, which are mulching, rear bag, and side discharge. The mulching kit is included. 
  • Facilities: It has no oil mess, no emitting of carbon, whisper noise, super powerful motor, sharp blade, 18 gallons bag for the grass holding. You can fold the machine with the foldable handle into any compact place.
  • Height Adjustment: It’s better to trim the grass into size rather than steep slopes balding your yard! So, 5 different height positions are given. From 1.18 inches to 3 inches.
  • It’s super easy to assemble with the included instructions.
  • Very easy to maneuver and store in a tight place.
  • Sharp blade with extraordinary motor for fast trimming. 
  • It’s a pull-start, not a push-button.

Why should you pick it?

Well, why not buy this beauty with a wallet-friendly budget? Plus, it’s the best lawn mower for steep slopes, which is a reliable customer claim. 

9. Husqvarna Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower

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This is the only riding mower on our list and the best riding mowers for hills. Unlike the other mowers in our list, this one looks like a little car on which you can drive and trim your yard simultaneously! 

This effective riding mower has a powerful engine with enough speed to start the work. With the movement of steering levers, the brake system automatically activates and deactivates. 

It has safety features with some other amazing features you can find in any best mower. Even if you want to trim any terrain, steep hills, or sloppy hills, it’s the best riding mower for steep hills. Plus, Icing on the cake it’s super lightweight though it looks bulky.

Key Features

  • Design: It’s a riding mower shaped like a small car with rugged tires, comfortable grip, and a seat. The whole body is made of metal. It’s only 2 pounds in weight.
  • Motor: 26 HP Kohler engine with 6.5 MPH max speed; this machine helps startups. It’s 54 inches wide, making it easier to trim the lawn faster than ever. 
  • Capabilities: It has an engine at the back, which makes it see the backside without any obstacles. On the step-through design, you can easily get on the mower. It has comfy back support with grip handles. With the steering levers, the brake system works.
  • Technology: The air induction mowing technology draws air to improve and get a precise cutting from the top and bottom of the deck.
  • Cutting & Mulching: Clipping bags can be discharged, mulched, or bagged. But mulching & bagger isn’t included.
  • It barely needs an assembly, very easy and fast to assemble.
  • Safety features to mow safely.
  • Filled with all the best and high-quality features. 
  • It’s super expensive.

Why should you pick it?

Though it’s super expensive, it is worth investing in for a long time. Once you purchase this, you won’t need to worry about buying any mower for a certain period. You can mow session after session with this single mower.

10.  Craftsman Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

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Last guest but not the least in quality or features, rather this one stands gracefully among the top picks! This sophisticated mower must serve you clear-cut trimming in each session, and trust us, the review of customers who used this product is super satisfying. 

This is a gas-powered mower with a 21″ size which means large area trimming in one cut. It doesn’t have any cord, so no hassle. Plus, it doesn’t emit any toxic air or noise. The rugged wheels are super suitable to mow any hills or terrains. It’s the best zero turn mower for hills.

This top liner member is very easy to assemble with the guidance of the instruction manual. Within 20 minutes, you will see your mower stand by your side in glory! The beautifully sharpened blades cut the grass freshly and neatly.

Key Features

  • Design: The machine is 21″ in size and made with metal. It has a comfortable handle to push from behind, and for being lightweight, it’s easier to move. With rugged 8″ back and 7″ front tires, the machine rolls well on an uneven surface. 
  • Motor: It has a 140CC OHV gas-powered engine built for mowing. The oil comes equipped. The auto choke and recoil features also work very well. 
  • Capabilities: 3-in-1 feature, which means side discharge, mulching capabilities, and rear discharge. An extra bagger is included with the catch grass clipping.
  • Facilities: It’s very easy to push for mowing, and for being compact design, it’s quite easy to store in a tight place. With the sharp blade, it can cut down the grass and makes less noise.
  • Height Adjustment: 6 different heights to choose from as to how you want to cut or trim your yard. 
  • Can be assembled within 20 minutes.
  • Durable engine power with the long-run feature.
  • Very easy to maneuver or store. 
  • It isn’t self-propelled. 

Why should you pick it?

It’s budget-friendly, worth investing in, super powerful engine, heavily durable, sharper blades, a 3-in-1 facility, so what else do you need in a lawn mower? 

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Buying Guide for The Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks

We have already discussed the 10 best lawn mowers for steep banks, but it’s not enough to help you select an ideal one. So, here is another part – the buyer’s guide.

Cutting Width and Height

Before considering the capabilities of the device, you should understand the outcome of the device’s performance. It is the height and width of grasses the mower will retain.

The mower’s cutting width is how wide the mower can cut a strip. If the cutting width is large, then it can save lots of your time. Here I am putting a handy guide for you.

  • 300mm cutting width is appropriate for a small lawn.
  • 350-400mm cutting width is ideal for the medium lawn.
  • 400mm+ cutting width is appropriate for a large lawn.

Cutting height is simple – how high the size of the grass will be while mowing. There are different lawn mowers with height-adjustable functions. I prefer choosing one of them as you have more customizable options. The average cutting height of the grass is between 20mm – 60mm.

Run Time

Another major thing to consider before choosing the best lawn mower for steep banks. The run time depends on the battery. If the battery power is higher, then the mower will run for a long period. On average, a mower should run at least 25-30 minutes, and it’s better if it can run over 40 minutes. 

However, you have to choose it depending on the size of the yard. It is a short one so you don’t need to consider it too much. But if it is bigger, then make sure to choose one that can perform for at least 30 minutes per charge.

Size and Weight

We don’t recommend getting a wider/lengthier machine. It’s because of 2 reasons.

  • Transportation
  • Storing

The next thing is the weight. The weight of the mower should be over 30 lbs. Well, if you need a highly productive one, then a heavyweight mower is the only option left for you. But don’t cross 50 lbs.


Other facts include price, cutting system, overall power, torque, and others. Make sure you have chosen one considering those facts. 

FAQ on The Best Lawn Mower for Steep Banks

Q: What is the best lawn mower for steep banks?

Ans: There we have already recommended the 10 best lawn mower for steep banks among them I would like to recommend the 

Q: What is the steepest slope you can mow?

Ans:  We would recommend not to go for the slope over 20° steep. If you are using a riding mower, then don’t go over 15°

Q: What is the ideal cutting width for a medium lawn?

It depends on personal preferences. However, 350-400mm is the ideal cutting width for a medium lawn. 

I think another article will be helpful for you if you want more suggestions – Top Ten Lawn Mower

Final Verdict

We have already completed the topic – best lawn mower for steep banks. We aimed at finding the all-time-best products and for that, we considered the major things of a mower such as power source, deck size, runtime, and others. Finally, we got the desired products and created this list. Now it’s your turn to judge them and go for your dream product.

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