Top 10 Lawn Mowers | Best of 2021 that Your Garage is Missing

Going down the thoughts of memory lane while mowing your lawn in a Sunday morning is always a great leisure option many just wait for the whole week! But lawn mowing is a fun experience until you have got a small yard full of uneven corners. Every time lawn mower getting stuck here and there and checking up the grass level will kill all the fun of mowing.

A strong-built and sharp-blade mower could be a good solution. However, still, some problems could come out of the mower itself like running out of oil onthe wrong hour. To get rid of it, you need to get the self-propelled electric lawn mower and of course within a grab-able price like under 300 dollars. Smooth mowing without the headache of getting stuck and freedom from the pain of refilling oil have made it one of the most viable solutions of these days.

Selecting the best self-propelled lawn mower under $300 for your small yard or garden might seem a hectic task to do but trust me it is not! There are lots of designs and companies available for self-propelled lawn mowers that might take a long time for you to settle down with a perfect choice – the very best for you.

The ____ Research team has picked up some of the best featured and strong-built self-propelled lawn mowers for you to pick from. Give it a glimpse!

1. The Greenworks G-MAX Cordless Lawn Mower


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The Greenworks G-MAX 40V Lawn Mower is one of the best self-propelled lawn mowers under 300 that your lawn demands. This comes with a 4Ah battery and a charger. The dimension is 28.5 *17* 21.3 inches. With a height of 16 inches, the wheels have an average of 6-7 inches diameter. The cutting technology is one of the smartest ones available. Height adjustable to 5-positions, single lever offers cutting height range from 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8-inch. This lawn mower is an all-rounder for all kind of grasses. Just with a single push now you can turn the mower on and off.

Best part of this Greenworks lawn mower is its department of noise cancelation. Almost inaudible sound system will let your neighbors be in peace. No war between yards!

The high-quality plastic assures durability of the mower-body. This lighter lawn mower runs without any gas or oil. It can perform a smooth 45 minutes of run time. The maintenance is hassle-free thanks to cordless technology. As an environment-conscious human, you will love it when you will learn that this machine does not emit any carbon! It is absolutely a smart choice for one of the best self-propelled lawn mowers under $300.

What We Liked about Greenworks G-MAX

  • Auto-fit batteries
  • Comfortable maneuvering for light-weight
  • Effortless cutting with sharp blades
  • Easy turning on with a push button
  • Smooth movement by foldable handles
  • Reduced cost as operates on 40 V only
  • Longer reachability due to 16-inch height

Downsides, but Not Deal-Breaker

  • Comes in only one color

The two-in-one disposal system includes mulching and bagging. The mulching system cuts grass in small pieces. Foldable handles are blessings for easy storage and painless transportation.  The bagging system collects the decomposable grass and helps you to dispose of anywhere. If the mower becomes harder to move, just empty the clippings bag.

2. The Great States 304-14 Push Reel Lawn Mower


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The Great States 304-14 inch Reel lawn mower is an affordable and easy-to-use machine for your lawn. The reel mower is quite smaller and light-weight to work with. This mower has a cutting height of 0.5 inch-1.75 inch and you can rapidly and effortlessly adjust it! Which means a reduction in your mammoth share of heavy work! It has a cutting width of 14 inch and 5-blade ball bearing reel. The blades are manufactured with a high-quality and heat-resistant alloy which prevents it from getting blunt easily.

The extra sharp blades will smooth your mowing experience without the need for extra force. This mower comes with a pair of composite wheels. The handle is T- shaped and has foam embeds which makes it easier to hold and creates less pressure on the hands. The mower doesn’t need extra tools for maintenance.

The almost soundless experience will reduce your worries for neighbors. It is environment friendly so no headache over carbon emission. The Enamel coating on the steel rods will prevent the mower from rusting. If you have a small and small grassed lawn then this mower is for you, with perfect maintenance and a one year warranty it can last a long time.

What We Liked about Great States 304-14

  • Quickly adjustable cutting height
  • High quality alloy steel cutting blades
  • Cushioned grip for hands
  • Perfect size for easy moving

Downsides, but Not Deal-Breaker

  • It’s not battery or gas-powered so doesn’t have fancy discharge system

Since it doesn’t use any gas or oil, it doesn’t get dirty easily except the grass and mud which is easier to clean. The most excellent fact of this mower is that it doesn’t need gas or batteries to function. This means no running to store to get gas early in the morning or no hassle in controlling the cord!

3. The WORX WG779 Lawn Mower


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WORX WG779 Lawn Mower is one of the best lawn mowers you can buy. It comes with two 20V removable batteries that provide 40V of highest power and efficiency. Now you will be able to mow at most 5500 square feet in a single charge.

It has up to date patented ‘Intellicut” technology. This intellicut system is a torque-on-demand system to monitor the cutting performances. No need to worry about power-waste as it provides the necessary amount of power to cut grass. It is a wise choice as the best self-propelled lawn mower under $300.

Compact size and light-weight make it easier for either elderly or younger people to handle it easily. This lawn mower weighs around 35 lbs making it comparatively lightweight than its kind. The mower comes with a mulching and bag disposal system. Grass bags feature impactful features that can handle oversized grass. Easily accessible switch and levers with a simple mechanism transform it to an effortless task! The machine makes so feeble sound that you can use it anytime without disturbing the neighbors. And it isn’t much of a hassle to store it anywhere because of its small size.

What We Liked about WORX WG779

  • Unique cutting mechanism
  • Delivering on-demand power
  • Saving unnecessary waste of power
  • Two different ways grass disposal
  • Comfortable handles to hold
  • Multiple positions for height adjustment

Downsides, but Not Deal-Breaker

  • Comparatively small size

The padded foams of the handles will reduce the pressure on your hands. You can mow comfortably with the handles. You can set three different cutting heights with the latest height adjustment technology. The lawn mower also contains dual-port chargers and power level indicators. Full utilization of power as you can use these batteries in any other WORX products.

4. The Greenworks25022 Electric Corded Lawn Mower


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Greenworks 20 inch Electric Corded Lawn Mower is probably one of the best rust-proof electric mowers for your lawn. That 12 Amp motor is the source of its power. Any kind of grass can easily be mown with that much power. The steel deck of the lawn mower makes it long-lasting. The adjustable height positions provide a cutting range of height between 1.5 inch and 3.75 inch.

The machine consists of three in one disposal system mulching, rear bag and side disposal. The mulching system is very efficient as it can be used to fertilize the soil.  So you can choose whatever fits your situation. To start the mower with a mere push button – was never simpler than this! The operating system is manual and the electric connection is cord system. The 20 inch increases the cutting capacity. This mower is a perfect choice for midsized lawns. The handle has cord lock system which protects you from tripping over cords…

This Greenworks mower doesn’t make any sound. You need not to worry about disturbing anyone. It doesn’t take much effort. And not to skip mentioning, what makes this environment-friendly is – this machine doesn’t emit any carbon particles!

What We Liked about Greenworks 25022

  • Three unique grass discharge systems
  • Wide range of height adjustment
  • Takes small space to keep
  • The cutting deck is steel made which ensures durability
  • Easy to turn the power on, with just a push button
  • Highly effective for any kind of grass

Downsides, but Not Deal-Breaker

  • Need to maintain the cord on regular basis

The foldable handles make it compact and can easily be stored in a small place. It comes with a warranty of four years. So, you can consider this mower as a long term investment.

5. The Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe Electric Lawn Mower


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Looking for an efficient lawn mower? This Sun Joe MJ403E electric lawn mower comes as a best propelled lawn mower under $300. The 13 amp motor gives high power to the Sun Joe lawn mower. The deck of 17 inch covers a large cutting-area. A 7-position height control system will let you adjust the height between 0.98 inch and 2.87 inch. This automated machine is one of the most suitable lawn mowers for the small yards. It is a strong contender to be regarded as the best self propelled lawn mower under $300.

Best feature of this mower is the convertible disposal system. It has a rear bag attached to it. The bag has a maximum capacity of 12 gallon. And it can be easily detached to dispose the grass. Conversion of the rear bag into mulching has made it easier for multiple uses. This will allow the grass clippings to fall into the ground to be decomposed. With just a button you will be able to turn it on.

The machine comes with 2 year warranty which is better than many mowers. With all these features this could be a perfect choice for you.

What We Liked about Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe

  • Powerful Motor service
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Two years of warranty and ensures no carbon emission
  • Comes with two grass discharge system; mulching and bagging
  • Light weight, so easy to maneuver for all age of people

Downsides, but Not Deal-Breaker

  • Corded movement
  • Comes in only one color

The electric power machine ensures no carbon emission, hence no dusty air. You will be free from the hassle of cleaning oil leakage. It is definitely less noisy than any gas or oil powered lawn mowers. The benefit of having a corded mower is that you can use it as long as you need it. It is actually light weight. And it is really easy to maneuver because of its sturdy front and back wheels.

6. The BLACK+DECKER CM1640 MAX Cordless Lawn Mower


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BLACK+DECKER CM1640 lawn mower is the best fit for your small sized yard. The six position height adjustment system lets you operate it in any kind of grass. You can adjust the height between 1 and 3 inch.  And all 4 of the wheels can be raised or lowered effortlessly. It comes with 2 40V MAX lithium battery.

In a single charge, it can mow about 30 minutes. Easily detachable batteries and charge indicator make it more technologically advanced. You can charge it anywhere and anytime. The hassle of maintaining a cord is over!

The grass box is constructed with soft fabric, a hardtop and a handle. These features make it easy to check, remove and carry. The 9.5-gallon grass box can hold a large amount of grass and can be easily detached when needed.  With just one push you can easily turn on and off the mower. The easy maneuverability and small size make it a ton time easier for any aged people to use. This is an excellent example of best self-propelled lawn mower within an affordable price under 300.

What We Liked about BLACK+DECKER CM1640

  • Convenience for storage
  • Dual batteries bring more power
  • Hold a huge amount of grass
  • Different cutting ways for different grasses
  • Various adjustable heights

Downsides, but Not Deal-Breaker

  • Limited running time

The cutting deck never rusts and is easily cleanable. You won’t have to worry about oil spilling. The environmentalist in you will be happy to know that it doesn’t emit any carbon. The foldable handles make it efficient for easy storage. You can also use the batteries in any other BLACK+DECKER products.

7. The BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM Electric Lawn Mower


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Want a modern three in one lawn mower for your yard? Then wait no more! The BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM Electric lawn mower is probably the best self-propelled lawn mower under $300 for you. The three easy convertible features make it so much more convenient.

To use the trimmer remove the 12 inch cutting deck and revolve the trimmer head to use it as an edger. The movable wheels for height adjustment makes it a far better candidate. You can change the height to a range of 1.6 to 2.4 inches.

The machine comes with an automatic feed spool. So you don’t have to worry about hitting any rough surface or rocks. It also lets you work without worrying about adjusting the spool. This machine has four versions. Each of them comes with extra tools, for example, spools and spool cap. The cord retention system provides safety from tripping over cords. It does not create air pollution and is easy to clean. This mower is most useful for medium sizes lawn. This mower is one of the finest and best self-propelled lawn mowers under $300.

What We Liked about BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM

  •  Many extra tools with different versions
  • Convertible in between mower, trimmer and edger
  • Multiple range of heights
  • Lightweight and easily carry-able
  • Smooth mowing experience

Downsides, but Not Deal-Breaker

  • No extension cord, so have to buy one separately if needed

6.5 Amp motor consisting of POWERDRIVE provides maximum performance. Due to compact size, you can use it in tiny, hard to reach corners. The foldable handle and small size make it easy to store and transport.

8. The CRAFTSMAN M105 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower


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Craftsman M105 Gas-powered push lawn mower is the best choice among the gas-run self-propelled lawn mowers. It includes one bagger and engine oil with the packaging. The engine power is 140cc Briggs and Stratton. The cutting deck covers 21 inch of area, so you won’t have to make too many trips. The two sets of wheels has diameter between 6 and 7 inches. The wheels are made of zag treading; as a result – it grips the soil more strongly and makes the machine less slippery.

You can adjust the cutting height of your choice between 1.25 inch and 3.75 inch to 6 different heights. The engine comes with provided recoil and auto choke, so you don’t have to fret over primer and choke anymore. The three in one discharge system gives you the luxury to choose from mulching, side and rear discharge.

The detachable handles make it easier to store. But slight assembly is needed before use, which is really easy and fast to do! The surprisingly lightweight body lets you maneuver easily. Most of the time people struggle to open the gas cap. But this mower has an easy feature which clicks when the cap is placed and can be easily opened!

What We Liked about Craftsman M105

  • Extra bagger for grass clippings and engine oil
  • Notable engine ensuring powerful performance
  • Alternate discharge system
  • Easier holding the cord in place

Downsides, but Not Deal-Breaker

  • Assembling is complicated

The smooth finely coated handle is easy to grip. The pulled cord used to start the machine can be placed near the handle for convenient use.

9. The PowerSmart DB2322S Lawn Mower


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If you are looking for a smart lawn mower and don’t want to do the heavy work then Power Smart DB2322S Lawn Mower is the best self-propelled lawn mower under $300 for you. It is self propelled. So just start the machine, sit down and let it do your job! It will do your heavy-duty job with ease. The engine is 196cc and applies the right amount of power wherever needed. Just pull the string and set it to self-propelled mode, or you can mow manually.

The three in one disposal options make mowing a lot easier. The easily detachable bagger can be used if you don’t want to leave the clippings behind. You can also decide to side discharge the clippings. It will leave the clippings for decomposition. And mulching cuts the grass in finer pieces for fast decomposition and no clumping. Both side discharge and mulching is good for fertilizing the soil.

The machine has a 5 position height adjustment system. So you can easily set the height according to how thick and long the grasses are.

What We Liked about Power Smart DB2322S

  • Has a 5-position height adjustment system for suitable use
  • Comes with a 196cc engine which provides exact amount of power needed
  • Easy pulling turn on – turn off system
  • Three distinguished cutting systems
  • Easy maneuverability for small in size

Downsides, but Not Deal-Breaker

  • Doesn’t have different color combo

The 11.5 inch rear wheels make it easier to maneuver in rough land. The small size of the mower gets rid of your worry of storage. It is also lightweight so easy to push. If you want to mow your land manually the weight won’t create any problems.

10. The Sun Joe iON16LM Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower


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If you are looking for the latest, easy-to-use lawn mower for your yard, then Sun Joe iON16LM Lawn Mower is the best choice for you. It is obviously battery powered and comes with one 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery. You don’t have to worry about buying separate charger as it already comes with one. The cordless mower is easy to use without worrying about distance. No hassle about buying gas or oil at ungodly hours or cleaning up spilled oil. No emission of carbon makes it eco-friendly.

Small size and foldable nature provides easy storage facilities. The cutting width is 15 inch which covers a large distance. The 6 position height adjustment system and single lever lets you mow in your preferred height choices between 1.18 and 3.15 inch. The 600 watt strong brushless motor ensures better battery efficiency. Brushless motor also extends its performance and makes it less noisy, which extends its life expectancy.

The two disposal option; bag and discharge chute gives you options to choose from. Large 9.25 gallon bagger makes it all the more useful.

What We Liked about Sun Joe iON16LM

  • The height can be adjusted easily in multiple positions
  • No carbon emission
  • Fixed battery and a charger
  • Different grass discharge system
  • Easily movable due to the compact size
  • Powerful motor ensures efficient battery power

Downsides, but Not Deal-Breaker

  • Very few color options

This mower is ideal for small and mid-sized lawns of households. The blades are made of high quality steel and ensure durability. The machine is approved by ETL and certified by energy star. Easy to power on (with a button), long runtime (40 minutes) etc makes it the best choice for cordless lawn mower.

Factors to Consider – Before you Buy the Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The most important reason to buy a headgear is to have the perfect greenery arrangement for the garden. Any bad hit on the delicate floral plants can result into a ‘garden disaster’. Here you go – some thoughtful criteria which you must consider before buying a premium quality lawn mower for your house beautification!


Many people under-estimate the effort involved in mowing a lawn, with proper moisture and soil temperature grass can need cutting every couple of days. If you have a huge lawn, it will become tough chore for you.

With an electric lawnmower, you can easily mow the lawn smaller than 2 tennis courts in size. If you have a big lawn, it might become tough to maintain with an electric mower. So, the smaller is the size of the lawn, the better is for self propelled mower.


Self propelled electric lawnmowers come in all sizes and weights. Since you have to move and carry these heavy lawn mowers frequently, it’s highly recommendable to go for self-propelled ones which use electric power drive with wheel-maneuvering facility.


If you leave the cut grass regularly on the lawn, this will be a total mess for you. This might let the soil add nutrients from left grasses and also it will make the environment look quite dirty.

So, it is highly advisable that, you must look for a lawn mower which might5 give a collectible bag along with the machine. This will save you from quite a lot of hassles. Otherwise, you have to buy it separately.


This is another most important determinant in case of buying the best self propelled lawn mower under $300 (affordable range). The cord facility will make sure that the lawn mower is always running on electricity. In case of cordless, you will have the liberty to move the lawn mower away to a significant distance from the electric source.

If you have a small ground and do not need that much movement during lawn mowing, it is highly advisable for you to go for cord lawn mowers. Again if you have a bigger yard, you might find the cordless ones better serving your purpose.


Height management is highly significant when multiple person will be involved in the lawn mowing. Also to keep the lawn mower in a smaller and compact place, the adjustable handles are true blessings.

There is a height adjustment option available for the self propelled lawn mowers so that, grass of different heights can be cut. The height of the handles also should have to be adjustable so that it can be adjusted according to different person with different heights.


To determine how long the grass will be cut and how much width will be the capacity of the cutting blades is also important. It will let you easily estimate the timeline you can complete the task. To cut the grass of the yard in a real quick time you might need the wider deckside.


The driving of the lawn mower will determine how much energy you need to put behbindd the handles. If it is a push system one, you have to give more energy for it. If it is a self propelled or self drivewn one, it will make the work of much more easier.

For a comfortable mowing time you must need to be aware that the lawn mower is a self propelled one. Good news for you, most of the electric lawn mowers are self propelled. So it will be easier for you to choose one for your yard or garden.


Electric lawn mowers are comparatively easy to handle and the low maintenance cost has made this category a popular choice for the comfort-loving people. Self propelled lawn mowers will provide you with no carbon emission service along with the freedom from refilling the oil or gas of the lawn mower occasionally. The safety factor is also a priority. Electric lawn mowers are quite safer and easier for changing the parts. It reduces the chances of accidents.


Within a smart budget a gadget of necessity is not that much available. But there are many options to buy the best self propelled lawn mower under $300.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:How long does a lawn mower last?

Ans:Depending on the quality of the product you are buying an electric lawn mower can last upto 6 to 10 years if it is properly maintained. By changing the batteries one can use it for a long period with any real damage.

Q:How does one maintain an electric lawn mower?

Ans:The maintenance of electric lawn mower is simple. No need to take the hassle of oil or gas refilling. The overall maintenance cost is just the electricity bill and along with that almost no other motor maintenance

Q:Can one leave electric lawn mower outside?

Ans:No, you should not keep the lawn mower outside whether it is electric or non electric. Raindrops can create rust on the internal instruments or it can damage the electric holes that might ruin the whole machine. Dust is also harmful for electric appliance. So, it is better to keep the lawn mower inside the house.

Q:Why does electric lawn mower get stuck or stopped abruptly?

Ans:Sometimes the cut grass can get stuck on the blades of the lawn mower which can cause it to abruptly stop functioning. The cable might also get damaged which can cause this abruption.

Q:Do the electric lawn mowers consume a lot of electricity?

Ans:The average consumption of electricity by any electric lawn mower can vary. An usual electric mower can mow about one-third of an acre with a single charge. On the otherhand, pushed electric mower requires $0.38 per recharge with electriciy rate of about $0.11 per kilowatt hour.

Q:How to kill the CRABGRASSES in my lawn?

Ans:There are a few steps through which you can block the door for those cringe  crabgrasses to your garden. First, you need to understand the crabgrass cycle. Secondly what you need to do is, prevent those crabgrass plants. Third, with much cautiousness, you need to time the crabgrass preventers. And finally, you need to kill the existing crabgrass plants. Simply done and those cragrasses gone forever!

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, one might guess that electric lawn mowers could be all the same like the other electric appliances. But that’s not true – lawn mowers have their own differences.

Based on the preferences there are always differences on the choice of a person. So, make sure that you are going to buy the best self-propelled lawn mower under $300 after giving it a proper thought and judgement. Invest your money precisely for the best output possible.

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