Top 5 Best Zero Turn Mower for Hills Review And Buying Guide In 2021

You may struggle to groom slope, quite steep, or uneven backyard terrain as a lucky lawn owner.

A zero-turn riding mower comes with an excellent solution for excellent maneuverability along getting in and out of the lawn around walls, gateways, fences, fountains, etc. in the shortest possible time.

Based on a residential and commercial point of view, you need to identify which best zero turn mower for hills is fit for flower beds, shrubs, trees, rocks, and other weedy obstacles.

Do you have any curiosity yet about the zero turn mechanism?

Zero-turn technology comes with the concept of 360º spinning of the central axis and synchronizing the front and rear wheels. Here, every single wheel has its own motor controlled. Thus, it enables one wheel in forward and another in reverse direction.

Since its inception in 1963 by John Reiger, the latest development of zero turn mower comes now with greater horsepower engine options and many forth.

The two riding and stand –on versions may be gasoline, electric corded or battery-powered including remote-controlled.

We assemble here the latest trending technology incorporating the available best zero turn mower for hills and rough terrain with a simple buying guide. So, cool.

1.Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric

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We assume you are tired and skeptical about searching the huge models of a lawnmower. Relax!

This cordless battery powered zero turner model offers you some extra facilities.

By the way, Snapper is a great name of the self rotated rotary lawnmower from 1951.

In the beginning, this stand-on version allows you quick speed variability mowing according to your desired fescue/grass trimming.

Thanks to the manufacturer, for its high strength steel mowing deck (21″).

Then, it comes with a complete design for the bagger, mulch, and side discharge advantages to give you super comfort.

What fescue size do you desire to keep at your beautiful lawn?

Yes, like me, you certainly will be happy with its seven positioned cutting height adjustment.

Who wants a burdensome ear protector during enjoyable mowing?

You don’t need to wear further such a weird thing because It makes almost no sound.

A very cool feature with its latest powerfully brushless motor (1200 watt!) mechanism. Thus, no problem how big is your yard!

The powerful two 82V Briggs & Stratton 2.0 batteries included in this package are enough to groom 3 acres in 90 minutes ( every battery 45 minutes).

Moreover, we appreciate its load sensing feature as it consumes less power consumption.

Hey, Are you struggling to store numerous power tools in your garage?

Don’t worry. This Snapper model lets you vertically store.

You’ll feel charmed that it has automatically mowing adjustment capability. When you move from normal grass to thicker extra vigorous weed/grass/pine cone, the engine reverses up a notch instantly.

Are you aged or arthritic/back pain-stricken person feeling difficulty to use a lawnmower?

This best zero turn mower for hills designed comes with three adjustable handle settings.

Last but not least, it’s almost zero maintenance rather than blade change.. This self-propelled version zero turner is undoubtedly a great addition to your home power tools.


  • Engine Type: Briggs & Stratton 82V Max
  • Deck size:21″
  • Weight:80.90 Lbs/36.70 Kg
  • 02 Ah li-Ion battery
  • 01 Charger
  • Very easy assembling.
  • Simply using lever back forward and backward pull back
  • Adjustable handle
  • Battery charges fast
  • Three years warranty
  • Front wheels wobble a little bit.

 2.Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower

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Hey, Do you ever think about an attractive investment for owning the best zero turn mower for hills?

Now, I’m going to describe to you such a kind of desired power tool. There are a couple of reasons why you should pay attention to consider it so.

The story is all about the 27 Horsepower(HP) Briggs & Stratton engine powered Husqvarna MZ61.

This semi-pro model is best for residential large property owners and commercial operators simultaneously.

Unlike the 27 HP comes with 360º rotative zero turns. Thus, it is excellent without leaving any uncut grass.

Moreover, this powerful engine is great for full-throttle positioning. The well-engineered 11 Gauge welded steel deck offers 54 in.—high-performance grooming around trees, lawn, or golf field.

Besides, we amazingly noticed its 13″ cutting height adjustments and faster working capability. It mows nearly 3 acres in one hour perfectly.

In addition, another relaxing feature is its adjustable accessories. It allows many seasonal garden attachments and accessories in its front and rear mounting options. Those may range from garden dump carts, snow blades, broom, spreaders. Hence, you never miss the required accessories whenever needed.

Furthermore, we also like to describe its stability. This wider stance offers superb stability and traction. It’s great to mow up and downhills. But, we don’t recommend for upper hills mowing as it is weighty. To avoid steep and put in risk, every time you should start from a downhill position.

Besides, we appreciate its maneuverability. The two rubber gripped hydraulic handles and lever offer super comfort.

Not only handling but also a PVC seat with armrest is excellent for a long time mowing job. The foam-padded hand grips attaching to the liver ever is also amusing against vibration.

And, the larger fuel tank with easy fuelling system and easily removable air filter make it hassle-free for every time use.

On the whole, as a perfect rugged residential best zero turn lawn mower for hills, this model is comparable with only itself.


  • Engine:27 HP Briggs Endurance
  • Deck:62.3″
  • Weight:770 Lbs/349 Kg
  • Fuel tank capacity:5 Gal.
  • Trailer wide for transportation:5.5 Ft.
  • Easy to change oil, oil filter, air filter.
  • Almost ready to use.
  • Available replacing blades and belts
  • Nice to create skid marks in the yard.
  • Available hour meter with service reminders.
  • It is pricey

3.Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310, Robotic Lawn Mower

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Who doesn’t want his/her yard carpet looked? Probably, the answer is everyone.

Indeed, choosing a robotic lawnmower for making your stylish surroundings, is a great step.

As a perfect addition to your smarter home, the 310 models robotic lawnmower comes with everything. To summarize, it offers a better configuration than others at a low cost.

In the first place, we like to narrate its system of collision sensors. We know that your primary headache is kid and pet safety. It correctly detects and backs away from the object to the new direction.

Then, the mentionable feature is its Bluetooth controlled. It enables connecting apps within a simple interface. It is merely maneuverable.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about theft further because the latest pin code technology incorporates it.

Thanks to the manufacturer for its excellent programming. You can easily set the program for your front and back yard.

What do you further desire with a robotic lawn care tool?

It perfectly mows, charges, and returns as inactivity automatically. This means, when its battery depletes, it goes to the charging spot and gets charged.

Another amazing well-engineered nifty feature is its accurately trimming the grass edge in a defined height. Also, you most likely with its perfectly manicuring tough weeds, including Floratam/St. Augustine grass.

It can simultaneously trim the lawn/yard from sloppy hills( 40º) to incline(22º) in the boundary line.

Notably, this auto best residential zero turn mower for hills smartly understands grass and walkway. Consequently, it stops moving.

Straightway, it trims and mulches your lawn regardless of rain and night conditions 24/7.

Last but not least, it is excellent when you want to avoid extreme humidity or other rough conditions.


  • 01 Lithium-Ion battery
  • Cutting height:0.8-2.4in.
  • Weight:20.3 Lbs/9.20 Kg
  • Highest incline:22º
  • Almost zero maintenance except for changing the blade
  • Superb quiet mowing.
  • The excellent user interface from the phone app
  • Cutting 0.25 acre in every single charge time.
  • Great for trimming sloppy hills to the terrain.
  • You can’t manually guide it.
  • You need to set up boundary wire. It is sometimes tweaky.

4.Simplicity 2691318 Courier Mower


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How much suspension feeling have you ever experienced while riding on a lawnmower? If you have no such feeling, no matter! Simplicity offers the best tires for zero turn mowers on hills to reach your largest comfort.

Hey, What kind of powerful and trusted lawn mower engine do you always prefer? Almost 90% of people will say -Briggs & Stratton or Kawasaki. Put your headache now on this Simplicity Courier model. It comes with both types of engines in different horsepower states.

Likewise, its engine, the ball bearings’ caster in the spindle, and pivoting front axle are notable also. It allows smooth riding all the mowing time.

In the same way, you’ll get charmed with its maneuverable 13 points from 1.5 to 4.5 in. cutting height change capability.

Of course, we like its ergonomic mesh seating system. It is better than any other moderate seat we ever found!

Straightway, it comes with a 36in.welded deck. It is not bulky at all to access any tight areas. So, it does an excellent job of dispersing against the grass clippings.

Moreover, you’ll also be happy with its 50lbs utility cargo bed. But, keeping it ultimate safe, you shouldn’t carry extra persons or defined load. Besides, underneath the cargo bed, there is also a back spot for keeping a sprayer, sweeper, or lawn cart.

Additionally, we noticed the easily accessible fuel tank with gauge measurement advantages. Flip down the seat, and you’ll see the two reservoir tanks for the hydro system. It is excellent for zero leakage fluid in your lovely yard.

Anyhow, it mulches well and bumps out on your full ride way. It is a most critical issue when mowing in sloppy, backyard hills or uneven terrain.

On the whole, Simplicity Courier is lovely as a commercial graded powerful V-twin engine.It is perfect as the best zero turn mower for hills. It is worth every penny.


  • Engine:23 HP Briggs & Stratton
  • Fuel capacity:3 Gal.
  • Cutting Width:42″
  • Deck size:36″
  • Weight:577/261.72 kg
  • Suspension impacts less on the body.
  • Ready to use
  • Ergonomic handle and lever
  • Excellent bagging system.
  • It gives excellent maneuverability.
  • Limited warranty deal.

5.Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Mower


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At last, our moderate pick is foot paddle and wheel controlled riding lawnmower. It gives a car driving feeling while manicuring your yard or larger property!

We noticed a different look in its cruise controlled advantages. It is great for uneven terrain. Moreover, it traverses over small hills, inclines, and many obstacles without any effort. So, you get professional mowing in this best 0 turn mower for hills.

Another most important key point for considering this tractor mower is its smaller size. Thus, it is superb to maneuver and store. It cuts a 42 width path, near double to trim any larger push mower.

Notably, this best zero turn engine comes with a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine.

In the same way, we like its adjustable sliding seat. It is ergonomic and provides comfortable mowing.

Indeed, you never miss out on the required extra storage. The 6 bushels two bin bagger system is ready for essential & optional accessories.

Unlikely, we see a unique grass cutting technology incorporating it! Since we see the air induction flow enhances the airflow through the deck. It allows consistent grooming.

We also like very much its two larger and smaller kinds of foot paddles. It allows forward and backward directions when required. Hence, it is very much fit as the best zero turn mower for steep hills.

Are you worried about trimming for tight spaces with you?

Don’t worry further because it has the lowest 16 in. turning radius. It lets in and out of any limited spaces around the yard, fences, fountains, and sideway trimming.

Finally, our advice is not to get trapped in a warranty advertisement. This Husqvarna YTH18542 model offers a warranty on its different parts. These include engine & transmission, deck, and rest of the mower in a separate deal.


  • Engine:18.5 HP
  • Cutting width:42″
  • Deck size:46″
  • Fuel tank capacity:2.5 Gal
  • No assembly required
  • Available mulching kit
  • Professional level result
  • Maintenance is easy
  • Amazing Cruise controlled system
  • Spindles are non-serviceable

The 20 essentials of the buyer Guide for the best zero turn lawn mower for hills-You may not scan it before!

Wonder! How the best zero turn mower for hills performs over the typical lawnmower! Now, it’s high time to know the buying guide in detail with the ins and outs. Indeed, you are going to invest a significant amount for the best zero turn mower 2020! We assemble here some essential facts you should keep in mind.

1.Is it your preferred version?

There are two types of zero turn lawn mower versions -Riding/Ride-on and Stand on. Indeed, you need to know the targeted grooming property size and types!

  1. Ride on: This is the most potent and high configuration. The hydraulic handle and foot pedal controlled to give the greatest performance.
  2. Stand on: A self-propelled type lawnmower is lovely for residential home use. It is cheap. If you are a novice for trimming in the hilly zone, then walk-behind is an excellent choice.

2.Are the designs and dimensions, ok?

Entering in and out through the backyard gate is troublesome. So, at first, you should check whether the compact best zero turn mower for hills can go through your gate opening. To know dimension is a must if you consider a low profile mower for your compact storage.

3.Essentials of deck types

Based on the two principles, Mid Mount and Front mounted decks are available.

Front mount deck

Out front models are front caster wheels and rear drive wheels system.

The operator’s seating position is outside of the free-floating deck. At present, manufacturers rush to produce compact size design. It is smaller than the conventional mid-mount. To take care in any tighter spaces, this is great.

Mid-mount deck

It’s the classic z-turn of the four-wheeled chassis designed. The terrain-following system offers more balanced, safe, and most performance.

4.Performance of speed/Engine HP

The first reason you are considering picking a zero turn mower is its swiftness. So, you don’t need to be a weekend warrior; instead, you can continue lawn grooming when required.

Based on engine horsepower (HP), speed and performance vary from one to another. The 18 to 20 HP is standard for a few hours of mowing around 1½ acres of property. In case of a larger property, you need to pick 20HP up the powered engine. The new lawnmower offers 12 miles per hour speed!

5.Cutting width

Cutting width or cutting swath is a popular term about a lawnmower. The largest cut width allows trimming the yard/field a faster mowing.

In general, the mowing path line is vital for all types of users. But, homeowners shouldn’t pay more for this feature.

Indeed, many tight spaces and small plants make your garden ornamental. More mowing paths may tarnish the well-groomed garden patio.

6.Fuel capacity

You might notice different fuel capacity lawnmowers. The gasoline-powered engine of the zero turn mower is on fuel.

The larger tank translates more time mowing at a time. Yet, medium yard to larger yard/golf field sizes property applications, fuel tanks are a must to consider!


Overweight can damage or distort the softened turf. Anyhow, the weight gives stability when trimming on sloppy or terrain hilly property. So, it’ll be wise to know your targeted application.

For residential use, the less weighty mower is perfect.

8.Transmission profile

Both transmission and hydrostatic profile make the best zero-turn mower for hills more efficient. The zero-turn mower is perfect for the complex terrain. Here, the machine uses hydraulic energy. At the same time, each wheel gets its motor and runs itself. This basic profile is standard for all.

The low transmission profile is adequate for the small and medium types of property. The landscape professionals may find extra benefits with the high transmission level lawnmower.

9. Comfortability-Does it always let comfort?

In fact, it covers not only sitting but also the right positioning of operators. Straightforward positioning over the mower deck gives some extra advantages. In this way, the operator can share his/her body weight distribution and becomes a part of the machine.

10.Cruise Controlled/Variable speed options

It offers vital advantages to the operator as you want to keep an excellent pattern cut. Thus, you need to control the variable speed. Based on thicker sizes of grass/weeds, shrubs, plants, and many forth, it gives a cool job!

In the case of rougher terrain, you also need super controlled speed. It prevents toppling over the hills. Moreover, it enhances concentration not tarnishing the already manicured grass.

Throttle controlled on the handlebar allows instant changing speed. Thus, it lets you as you stop the tires with both hands. These are equally important to consider while you are searching the best zero turn mower for hills.


The original battery-powered sources let the machine keep mowing 80 minutes. Based on speed, it can cover 1.5 to 2.0 acres of yard. Like a computer, every year, manufacturers release high powered battery run time capacity. So, you should examine the latest version.

12.Power source

Out of typical propane and diesel gas-guzzling lawn mower, manufacturers adopt the trending technology. Electricity/battery-powered best zero turn mower for steep hills, a new industry wave.

Based on your affordability and convenience, you should pick the right zero turn.


Electric zero turn mowers create less than 75 Db, but gasoline mowers create near 95 Db.

You should note that up to 80 Db sound is standard for human health. So, in case of avoiding wear protectors, try to get low noisy zero-turns.

14.Available Accessories attachment

Attachment of required accessories gives extra comfort for all types of operators. You need to attach a portable trolley and grass collector. This attachment helps you manicure the yard without the help of others.

15.Manual-Is the manual clear to use?

How a clear manual can do the job awesome! Unless you follow the direction, you may damage it. Beginners need to know how to grasp all the controls in your hand and feet.


Steel-belted tires and airless less are available. At the same time, the operator and machine get safe mowing with the best tires for zero turn mower on hills.

In the case of losing traction, the operator may put himself/herself into danger. Hence, the machine loses its balance and topples over. So, it’s crucial to own the best zero turn mower tires for hills as you want to keep always safe!

17.Hassle-free maintenance

By all means, proper maintenance is a must to give longevity of the lawnmower. Hassle-free oil filter and air filter changes are crucial at the same time.

Most riding mowers allow simple access cleaning. Flip-up the seat or cargo bed and wipe/clean it-very simple!

Moreover, the deck wash port allows cleaning the deck in a nice way. You like it as every time a neat and clean mower encourages a nice lawn manicuring job.

18.Hilly/Slopes Compatibility

Do you have a sloppy to incline hills around the backyard? You may overlook it, as the design is accurate for trimming such downwards property.

But, the percentage may vary. For example, Husqvarna Robotic auto mowers can trim 40º sloppy hills and 22º incline yards. Anyhow, non-robotic mowers are a bit less such positions. After all, a best zero turn lawn mower for steep hills helps you to groom uneven terrain to any medium-sized sloppy hills.


The warranty gives a tension-free purchase! While checking the warranty deal, you should check how many specific parts are in the coverage.

Some offer machine, transmission, deck parts separately.

20.Cost matters and your possible financing!

In recent times, a zero turn mower is cheap. But it is still expensive over the conventional central mounted mower.

There is a concern for a pretty amount of investment while buying a riding zero turn. The best zero turn mower under $3000 may not be problematic by cash!

But a commercial graded best zero turn mower for hills is expensive. Paying by cash may seem no-brainer! Our following financing guide may help you.

a. Using direct cash

Pretty sure about capital and no tension on emergency rises! Then, cut out the hesitation of the interest of your liquid money. As you own pretty worth of the best commercial zero turn mower for hills!

b) Manufacturers or dealers’ finance

It’s one of the best soft loan categories we notice! To avail of this, you need a good record history with them.

c. Credit Cards

You might already know the tight cost implications of a credit card. Even so, you can think of owning a zero turn mower considering through the credit card channel.

d. Bank loan

This old trusted method can be a bit easy. You need to approach with a clear record to avoid slower decision making by the bank authorities.

e. Private finance options:

Private finance companies are available to fund such a significant investment. You need to be alert installing the arrear on time, avoiding punitive interest charges.

Last but not least, you should verify the cost with some different configurations. These may include fuel tank capacity, speed, and battery charge time in case of battery-powered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q. What is the best zero turn mower for hills?

Ans. The zero-turn mower is especially for faster and efficient purposes. The design differs over the center mount conventional lawnmower system. It’s every wheel turns independently with hydraulic control. It can turn 0 radius as one wheel moves forward, and another wheel moves reverse direction. Thus, it allows the operator to enter in and out of the very tight spaces.

2.Q. What is the best zero turn lawn mower for residential use?

Ans. For the homeowner or residential purposes, you should pay attention to the configurations. Almost every manufacturer provides a residential version of a zero-turn mower. Out of those-

  • Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310
  • Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric

Simplicity 2691318 Courier Mower

3.Q.Do zero turn mowers cut better?

Ans:Straightway, zero turn mower is the upgraded edition of the conventional lawnmower. Its zero-turn radius allows faster moving. The typical lawnmower allows at most 3-4 mph. But, the zero turn lawn mower cuts the greatest of 12 mph.

4.Q.Who makes the best zero turn mower for hills?

Ans. Many trusted manufacturers make standard zero-turn lawnmower. Out of those –

  • Husqvarna
  • Simplicity Courier
  • Snapper
  • John Deere
  • Cub Cadet etc.

5.Q. Are zero turns worth the money?

Ans. Because of the hydraulic transmission and separate wheel controlled mechanism, these are expensive. But, it gives a superb performance and faster cutting. So, it cuts almost double the sizes of property over the typical lawnmower at the same time. And for these exclusive reasons, they are worth the money.

6.Q. How much time does it take to mow an acre with a zero turn mower?

Ans. Zero-turn lawn mower takes less time to mow a small to large size property. Both gasoline and battery-powered best zero turn mowers for hills offer faster speed. Indeed, it takes less than one hour to groom an acre of yard.

7.Q. What should I look for when buying a zero turn mower?

Ans. Considering your property sizes and budget, you should look for some following features.

  • Power of engine/HP
  • Fuel tank capacity
  • Run time(If battery powered)
  • Cutting width/mowing path
  • Warranty for specific parts.

8.Q. Which zero turn mower offers the best warranty?

Ans. Almost all manufacturers offer a seductive warranty. Unless you examine it, you may not be aware of the loophole. Husqvarna YTH18542 model offers different parts warranty separately. It includes-engine, transmission, deck, and rest of the parts.

9.Q. What is better –zero-turn or lawn tractor?

Ans. Zero-turn is famous for its agility and performance. It gives better control than a lawn tractor. Moreover, zero-turn allows the operator’s greatest visibility, but a lawn tractor provides less visibility.

10.Q. How do you mow a steep hill with a zero turn?

Ans. In case, you want to mow on the steep hill by a walk-behind, back and forth trimming is easy. In this way, you can control it in a very skillful way. With the riding mower, it is better to start hill down the hill. Remind yourself that these processes will prevent you from toppling over and endangered!

11.Q. Can you pull aerators with the zero-turns?

Ans. Indeed, it depends on design and engine capacity. You can pull the ground engaging an aerator with the attachment plug. For this additional bearing, you should check the manual. Scan how much weight it carries without damaging the engine’s performance.

12.Q. Which lawnmower brand do you prefer-Zero turn, Bad boy, or Husqvarna? Why?

Ans. Nowadays, brands don’t make great sense at all! Most brands use third party engines, for example, Briggs and Stratton and other parts.

Still, Husqvarna, Snapper, Simplicity offer quality zero- turn. Whatever brand you choose, make sure you avail warranty advantages.

Final Verdict

Picking the best zero turn mower for hills 2020, you need to have a pair of eagle eyes!

That proverb is most applicable here. You may experience that a zero-turn engine is far different from a typical lawnmower.

While comparing zero turn mower reviews, there are many important considerations. You shouldn’t overlook it at all!

From exterior design to performance, scan through every vital part at a glance.

So, don’t make haste at all. Better to take time and compare better specifications among the trusted brands. Be sure, one type doesn’t fit for all purposes.

To summarize, before adding to the final cart, follow our comprehensive buying guide. Please let us know your buying experience of the best zero turn lawn mower for hills.

Happy mowing!

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